Am I really in Kansas?

For those who are new to this blog, I need to bring you up to speed. If you are not new…so sorry, it really won’t take long and should not hurt too much.

Myself, 96lb 10 yr old yellow lab, ONE of my sons and my husband have moved to Kansas.

DSCF6035New job for hubby (blessing he is employed) We are in an apartment for the first time in 32 years. (SHOCK) The shock comes from going from a 3400 sq ft. home to a small apartment with rented furniture (still blessed) cause I have a place to live.

My home in Ohio has not sold yet, and we just keep dropping the price. I am sure that sounds awfully familiar to many of you too. We plan on building a home (blessed, cause we never thought we could do this) but are finding out that there are many many stress points in this process. I should be laughing at that last comment because we have not broken ground yet. We are in for a long bumpy ride.

I am dealing with Mommy guilt since I left my youngest in Ohio. No, he is not a little boy, but a 21yr old man who is in his last year of College. The problem is in my head. He is still my little baby and surely cannot life so far away.

Ha, like my other son, the middle child who got out of college and in 3 days packed everything he owned and moved to L.A. (Blessed…he at least had a job)

My eldest came with us. He is now 26 and has Asperger’s Syndrome. He does great, and most people are shocked to find that out. He holds a job (blessings, he already got one here in KC) and has gone to college. He has not completed it yet, due to the fact that he does not know what he wants to be…cannot blame him…I still don’t.

My Mother lives in St. Louis and is fighting a losing battle with Alzheimer’s. I HATE that disease. It is so mean. Her sister has already passed away suffering from it too. (Blessed that my sister lives in town with my Mom) but I would have been happy to have her move here with me.

I have been married for 34 years to a Saint. I will have to admit that anyone who can deal with the way my brain works might deserve that title…but PLEASE don’t tell him that. He is a wonderful father and husband. I pray that my children with marry someone who loves them as much as he does me…(and yes, as I do him) Perfect….HA nope, neither one of us are…that is evident by living together in this small apartment…more to come on those moments…

That should get you newbies caught up, and the rest of the gaps will be filled in here and there.


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