Fun in the sun

This 4th of July was a “quiet” one in our household. Quiet until the sun set, but at least we were expecting that…even if it did come as a surprise to our poor dog.


I had a day to play and experiment in the craft room and the bar. I am looking at making a menu for our home bar. Nothing too fancy. We have found that complicated mixed drinks are great at the beginning of the evening, but by the end of the evening not so nice…ha

I wanted something that said summer and fresh. Not too sweet but not sour. I came up with a Watermelon Martini. It turned out great..maybe too great…(the booming in my head really was from the fireworks outside) right???

Super simple and except for the watermelon, you most likely have these things in your home bar already.

Just remember…drink responsibly, and if your guest has one too many…pull out that air mattress and enjoy the overnight guest…

2014-07-04 11.52.37

Watermelon Martini

Watermelon chunks

Lemon slices with peel (1/4 lemon)

Lime juice (I used 1/8 lime)

1/2 oz simple syrup

2 oz Lemon vodka (I used Absolut Citron)

1 or 2 Mint leaves depending on taste


Chilled Martini glass

Place watermelon chunks (to taste) with lemon juice and rind of 1/4 lemon into martini shaker. Add lime juice, mint leaf and simple syrup. Muddle.

Add Vodka and ice. Shake Shake Shake baby…..

Strain into chilled martini glass and garnish with watermelon slice…then sit back and enjoy summer


Come hell or high water?

Guess no one mentioned Snow to this young man.Image We are in a “State of Emergency” in Kansas City. The airport is closed, highways are closed, white out conditions, and most streets are closed and littered with abandoned cars.

So tell me, where is he going? He came out of an apartment and headed up the road to the main road. What is so important that he is going to, or so horrible that he needs to get away at any cost? I have no idea..

I have helped 7 MEN dig their stuck cars out, but not one woman. I don’t mean to be sexist, but hummmmmmm not one woman?

Now, I wait for MY man to try to drive home from work……