Basically a Love Story

To borrow a response from a friend of mine…..”Uhhhhhhhh”

Yup, that is about it. That is what is running through my mind… I should be writing some sappy Valentine’s romantic story about true love and happy ever after’s. Instead I am reeling from several friends news. I am hearing tales of heartbreak, illness, uncertainty, faith being tested, and even terror.

I feel a little guilty that things are going well for me now. Like I want to hold my breath so that bad things won’t happen to me or my family. It has never worked in the past, so I am guessing it won’t in the future.

Hubby and I were once invited to a friend’s beach house for a few days. They had recently bought the home and needed to sort though all the things inside to prepare it for future rentals. Yes, Yes, I would love to go with them. Who cared if I had a few chores to do…I got to spend time with some wonderful people. (We knew they didn’t invite us because they needed free manual labor, but because they wanted to share the blessing they had worked hard for). After a “hard” day of throwing away incomplete puzzles, we decided to watch a movie. The men started listing different movies that they would like to see. My friend and I looked at each other and expressed our worry that these choices were bloody, gory, “guy” movies. At that time, her husband explained that it was a romantic story about two people who loved each other even though there were hurdles between them to cross. Well, we fell for it. After over an hour and a half of watching blood, gore, and a beheading, (with our hands over our eyes), my friend and I turned on her husband and questioned what he found in that movie that was romantic….With innocent eyes (as least as innocent as he could) he explained that in the middle of all that … it was .. “Basically just a LOVE STORY”


We were shocked that he could see this in that light. There were horrible things happening to this couple. Trials at every turn. What he saw that we didn’t was that during every horrible thing that happened, this couple drew closer together. They became stronger during the trials.

Our life happens! We can pretend we are in total control, but often find ourselves spinning in a direction that is not of our choosing. IT HAPPENS. Sometimes we begin a journey that is a mistake. We try to change, but are caught up in the riptide. Other times we are just cruising along and get hit from the blind side.

What matters at those points in our lives is simple. Who do we cling to? Who will strengthen us? For Christians,  our God is who we turn to. Others hold fast to the god of their beliefs. There are those that hold tight to friends, family and other loved ones.



So now I sit back and reflect on the struggles in my life. I realize that it is not the romantic, sappy, love stories that bring me closer to my loved ones, but the struggles. The learning to say I am sorry and mean it. To put them before me in times of need. With my hands over my eyes at times…I realize…

Life….It’s basically a LOVE STORY in all it’s splendor.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you everyday.


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