I NEED that..I WANT that. I should make up my mind.

I have so many plans. I have a DIY list that would rival my “Santa” list when I was little. I have to admit that Pinterest is not helping with this over planning of projects.

As we prepare to finish our new home, I have been thinking of where I was going to place different furniture. Our belongings have been in a moving company’s storage warehouse for over 5 months now. I cannot run over there and rummage through the different boxes or crates to get something that I need. Trust me on this…there have been many times that I wish that I could have. For example, I suddenly need to have proof of old taxes. Cannot get them. Thank goodness our “tax man” saves copies for us. Or why in the world would I not bring my big food processor  (Maybe because I am in a little apartment and there was no more room in the kitchen?)

Today as I was taking the trash to the dumpster, I found an old dresser. It was in great shape and had really cute carvings. It had no drawers, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to snag this treasure. I had seen on Pinterest different ways to “fix” these things. Paint it, place baskets where the drawers were, and I could have a great storage item.


I stopped and just stared at this old dresser and thought…I need to take that to the apartment and fix it up. When my husband and I first got married we had very little money. We furnished our tiny efficiency apartment with used thrift store items and hand me downs from family and friends. We were having fun with fixing them up and making them ours. I have never forgotten that feeling.

All this started me thinking about want vs need. I hate it when I start thinking like a grownup. Did I really NEED this item? After all, I already have a ToDo list that will never be finished in this lifetime. Did I have a place to put it when (ha, if) I got it finished? Would it end up unfinished in my basement waiting for that day that I would paint it? Now thinking that way, it started to sound a little hoarderish to me.

There are so many things that I do need. Food, water,clothing (trust me on that), and shelter. My list, when I really sit down and think about, is pretty small.  I remember all the things that are in storage right now, and yet I am still surviving. Not roughing it, but we are comfortable. My needs are being met. My stuff is what I want.

My son told me of his newest possession. A used couch that a friend gave to him. He is so happy with it. His new apartment is starting to feel like a home to him. I am reminded that the fine line between NEED and WANT can be blurred if need starts to control us.  My son Needed a couch, but I wanted that dresser.                         Many years ago, I bought a sign. ??????? It has been a reminder of the difference between want and need for me. Do I need it? Can I live without it? Or do I want it? I still WANT many things, but can have happiness without getting everything. I will never have all that my heart desires,because well, I don’t believe that life works like that. I realize that I can be happy with wanting some things and never getting them…dreaming of someday, but living in today.

But just in case…if you hurry,I can tell you where to pick up a great DIY dresser if your Pinterest list is short and you have lots of time. 😉


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