If it were only this easy all the time.

I spent a good part of my day today on the phone. Making a move involves so much more than just packing your belongings up in a van and driving away. Hey, I love the house hunting part, even when I don’t find the house I am dreaming of. It is part of the adventure. The fun part.
Today was one more day that I spent trying to straighten out the rest of my “stuff” Moving my car insurance while explaining why my 26 yr old son still lives with me, and why my other son won’t register his car here. They wanted so many details that I didn’t have.(don’t even get me started on the nightmare that is me trying to deal with my title transfer)

I continued with my “to do” list…..talk with the tile company and change that nasty brown tile for the lighter one…make appointments to pick out lights, figure out what kind of tub do we want, cannot make the cabinet appointment until I talk to the appliance guy and finish picking out my fridge. Take the dog out for a multitude of walks.

The bigger problems started with I had to call the “investment” company that we use for my Mom’s accounts. You see, she has Alzheimer’s and can no longer make a lot of decisions on her own. She lives in the same town as my sister, who does a great job of taking care of her. Mom lives in an independent living community with help from a private service.

Long story short, I felt like I was beating my head against the wall for the rest of the day, while I tried to get what I thought would be simple tasks done. Change an address on Mom’s account…nope, even though I am her power of attorney, this company has their own hoops that we 3 have to jump though just to change an address. I understand they are protecting their clients, but my Mom was standing right in front of them. UGH.

As the day progressed, so did my stress. I had to almost  beg a woman to take my order for a new dining room table and chairs. I asked if she was on commission and she replied “yes”. I wanted to shout…”then act like you care” (I didn’t, but I wanted to)

As I was going to my next appointment of the day, I saw a car in front of me that made me stop and think. It was a Range Rover with a custom plate.


When I read this plate, I saw STRUGGLING.. and could not believe someone would say that while driving a Range Rover. I could not afford one of those if I wanted to. Then it hit me..no, not the Range Rover…but the struggling…

We all struggle. We may look all put together and shiny on the outside. Our lives may look like something that everyone else wants, but they are not. Maybe this person lost her husband and has never gotten over it…maybe a family member will not speak to her, or her husband told her that he now loves someone else. I don’t know. Maybe she didn’t mean for her plate to make me think “struggling”. Could even be short for her last name…don’t know

I do know that it made me stop and think about the people that I had encountered today…my sister who was physically dealing with my Mom, her insurance, banking and investment items. The woman taking my order may have had a horrible morning, or the gentleman taking my information down and getting it all wrong…maybe they all needed a break today.

Too bad our plates cannot change as our emotions do….one day STRUGGLN…tomorrow…BLESSED.. maybe BACK OFF…but.most days for me it would be SHINY…

No matter how your day has gone…good, bad, amazing…I pray that tomorrow is even more blessed…

Shiny Squonks


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