It’s my birthday….and I’m gonna party like ….never mind…I am too tired


Oh, there is that word that has so many different meanings and emotions behind it. When we are young, we look forward to it…counting the days, counting our age in half years. Remember being 6 1/2? We are busy making out our wish list for the gifts that we hope will be given to us.

Throw in enough years to get past the age of 16 (driving) 18 (an adult) 21 and that word takes a new meaning. Every year marks off a different item on a list that we may or may not have gotten done in time before we turn that age. Married by?? First baby by?? Career off the ground by??? We all have those magic numbers, those expiration dates, that we strive accomplish before that date arrives.

Fast forward more years and you are suddenly in your 50’s WHAT THE HECK??? No way. Someone forgot to tell that woman that lives inside me that she is really getting old. She must not be listening, because she is easily distracted and hates to do anything that has numbers or math involved in it.  Not that it matters, time marches on with or without my permission.

Hubby and I were in a major hardware store yesterday looking at front doors. (I know…excited Saturday night, right?) Hubby was in the mood to tease me and was doing a great job of it. We were laughing and enjoying our wild times at the store. The young man helping us asked how long we had been married. OH NO…we had become that little old couple. He stated that he thought we must be soul mates and that we were “cute” together. Ahhhhh the knife cuts deeply. Yes, it is a good thing that people see how much we still love each other, but dang….really?? The old couple?? Isn’t  50 the new 30? Or is that just my mind doing math again.


We then become old enough that we look forward to our birthdays again. We are 82 1/2, counting once again in half years. Birthdays are to be celebrated once again. Each year is a victory.

I had decided many years ago to still count in half years. To see each year as something to look forward to. It can be tough some years. I might not have made my goals for that year, or I was scrambling to make new ones.  People celebrate in different ways. One friend wants a whole month to celebrate, while others hope that that day will just be forgotten. I look at each year as permission to try new things, and speak my mind a little more freely.   After all, it isn’t so bad being part of the “little old couple” and Cranky old ladies get away with an awful lot of fun stuff..

Happy Birthday to us all and remember that my half birthday will be coming up in only 6 months.


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