Learning a Whole New Dance

A very dear friend of mine is going though some rough times now. I sit here feeling so helpless.Of course I would love to fix the problem, to make it all better, but I cannot. I can simply Pray to God that HE delivers peace, calming thoughts, the right words, and skilled hands

.I am at that age that is called the sandwich. I have older parents and my kids are just beginning to branch out on their own. If you are not there yet, it will come. You may have already gone through this time period of your life. It like many other stages of our lives, can be very stressful. It seems to me, to be a wonderful dance. Each stage of our lives we are dancing…The hard part is that the steps keep changing. I am NOT good at slow dancing. I am not that great at any dancing,but I try to have fun when I do go out dancing. I may look the fool, but dancing is so freeing.

Night dance

When my father passed away, my sister tried to explain to our Mother that her life (dance) was not over, just changing. She had waltzed for over 50 years with my Dad. Hand in hand, cheek to cheek. Now she had to learn the step to a dance that she could do alone.

It does not take a death to change our dance. It can be so many things. Illness, loss of friendship, loss of a marriage. Our children growing up and our parents growing older changes our step. I am learning to stop and listen closely to the music that is playing at that moment…and trying with all the strength that God is giving me to change my dance. Yes, I stumble, and yes, I step on toes, but anything new takes time to adjust.


So to my friend who is learning that new dance. Turn up that music…it might sound harsh to your ears now, and it might confuse you on where to place your feet , but in time, it will become known to you. It will strengthen you, and someday, you will help someone else learn their new dance.


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