Shiny Squonk must stay focused

The last couple of days have been spent going from one store to another. I should have listened to a wise man who tried to tell me that building a house was a million little decisions. Oh Ralph, how right you were. 😉

Right now my hubby and I are just trying to figure out furniture and lighting. We need to know how we are furnishing the great room so that we can decide if we want outlets in the floor or not. This is not a bad thing, but if you know how my mind works, you could understand that this is a really hard thing for me. After all, it is not like I can just change my mind later, I will have a plug in the middle of my wood floor. So many “what if’s” playing out here. If you have outlets in the middle of a big room, please let me know what you think of them. Do you use them? Cover them with a rug? I have been going back and forth here.

Another decision that we will be making soon is lighting. What style do we want? We have no idea. What is coming into style for new homes? Again, we have no idea. I have gotten tons of ideas from this website.

We are looking at basic pendant lights, dining room lighting, ceiling fans, and foyer lighting. So, what do I immediately gravitate to??

ImageImageYes, NOTHING at all that I could put into my home, but wow!!! The “orbit” lights are over a dining room table. Of course, my photo’s do not do these works of art justice, but the light, crystals, and the colors are enough to make everyone who walked past it, stop and stare.

I stood there long enough that my hubby lost me. Although, he did know exactly where to find me…follow the shiny lights….and there I will be.

Hope you are having a wonderful shining day full of fun dazzling moments.


2 thoughts on “Shiny Squonk must stay focused

  1. A million decisions indeed!
    Fortunately, Jane had to make them.
    I told Jane–this is the last one.
    Next home is a retirement community.
    We’ll see.
    Hope you continue to have a blessed time in Kansas.
    Thinking of you with each blizzard report.

    • It is fun doing the planning, but already I have realized that I forgot some plans that would have made life easier. I should have placed a water spigot on the second floor deck. So hubby told me I could do that on the next house we build. HA

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