Snow Daze

Today we are all sitting here waiting for the big one….no not that, the first really big snow of the winter season. We have been teased that it was going to hit our area a couple of times this winter, but alas…an inch here and there

Not this time though…we are being warned to take it seriously. They are calling for  12-20 inches in areas around us.

I am so happy that I didn’t have to go to the grocery store….that was done earlier this week. I am not prepared at all, and that is just not like me.

This winter I have been living in an apartment. For the first time in 32 years, I am not in my home. Most of what I own is in storage, waiting for the house to be finished. I cannot get to my grills, my heaters, my snow shovel or even extra blankets. A generator? HA, no chance of that either. I don’t have a fireplace in this apartment to keep us warm if the power goes out. I don’t like this feeling of not being prepared.


I was talking with my friend (Morg) who is a mid-west girl too. She laughed at my “pain” and told me that we are always prepared for emergencies…just not this time. Thank goodness I have an apartment to shelter me from this storm…and I am thankful for it. I have food, water, blankets and one camping cook stove. It is more than so many people will have.

Sherby, another friend told me about a saying that her father would use when there was snow on the horizon ….”we better hurry up, get to the store and stock up….before the Hoarders get there”…

I pray your pantry is full and your houses are warm….cause that means you beat the “Hoarders”


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